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apartment vs townhouse

Apartment vs Townhouse: What’s the Difference?

apartment vs townhouse

Are you thinking of moving home?

It can be a stressful time, and you’ll be faced with lots of decisions.

If you are looking to rent or buy in a town, you’ll be faced with the choice: apartment vs townhouse. Which should you go for?

The choice may seem a bit confusing as you may not know the difference or where to turn for advice.

Well, help is at hand.

Read our short guide to the differences between townhouses and apartments and you’ll soon see the wood for the trees!

What Is An Apartment?

An apartment is a property within a larger building. There can be anything from a handful to hundreds of apartments in an apartment building.

Typically apartments are single story properties and can be available to buy or rent.

Apartment buildings date back to ancient Rome and allow a lot of people to live on a small plot of land which saves space in urban areas.

So What Is A Condo Then?

A condo (short for ‘condominium’) is a type of apartment. Usually, a condo is owned by the occupants rather than rented.

Condo buildings often have a condo board made up of the owners who can make decisions about the communal areas and facilities.

How Are These Different From a Townhouse?

Unlike apartments, townhouses are not contained within a bigger building.

Townhouses can be single or multiple-storied properties, but the main feature of a townhouse is that is a self-contained stand-alone property not inside a larger building.

Like apartments, they can also be rented or bought. Townhouses are usually connected to other townhouses in a terrace with community amenities such as children’s play areas and swimming pools.

Apartment vs Townhouse

So that’s covered the main differences between townhouses and apartments. So what are the advantages and disadvantages, and which should you go for?

Size might not be everything, but it is a big deal. Townhouses are generally bigger square footage than apartments, and so you have more living space in a townhouse.

That means more space for your furniture, belongings and more storage. Now that’s useful, especially if you are a family or have roommates.

Not being in a bigger building means you are slightly more separated from your neighbors. This has a few advantages including:

  • more privacy
  • less noise from neighbors

With a townhouse, you also get the benefit of more open space and community amenities and private outdoor space such as private patios.

Value For Money

You might be thinking that all these advantages of a townhouse must cost the earth. Well, that is just not the case!

Renting a townhouse can be virtually the same cost as renting an apartment, and a lot cheaper than renting a regular house.

There are no taxes to pay and virtually no maintenance or repair costs, so when it comes to value for money, townhouses are really ahead of the game.

Do We Have A Winner?

So, in the great apartment vs townhouse debate, who won?

Well, seeing as townhouses beat apartments on:

  • space
  • noise
  • amenities
  • value

And taking into account all those luxury features… I think we have a winner!

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