5 Benefits of Apartment Living in Durham, NC

When someone asks for the best place to live in North Carolina, Durham is undoubtedly going to be one answer you’ll hear.

Durham, along with its counterparts, Raleigh and Chapel Hill, is ranked #13 on a list of the 125 best places to live in the US. This tri-city area, known as the triangle, is very attractive to newcomers.

With the cost of living being slightly lower than the national average, you might consider calling Durham, NC home.

When moving to a new place, one of the best pieces of advice out there is to rent before buying. So if you are planning on moving to the area, check out the benefits of apartment living and see why everybody loves living in Durham, NC.

Benefits of Apartment Living

Whatever your situation, there are many benefits of apartment or townhome living that are very appealing, at least for the short term.

1. Affordability

Apartments and townhome rentals are usually more affordable than owning a home. There are no taxes to pay and virtually no maintenance or repair costs.

2. Low Maintenance

You don’t have to worry about things like cutting the grass, fixing the toilet, or servicing the air conditioner. Other than taking care not to trash the place, you are free to spend your days off enjoying all the things there are to do in Durham.

3. Great Amenities

Apartment or townhome complexes often offer great amenities that you may not be able to afford when buying a single-family home. Things like a fitness center, a pool, and a hot tub are generally the norm for apartment living.

4. High-End Features

Dishwashers, granite countertops, garbage disposers, wood floors and other upgrades that may not be in the budget in a home oftentimes come standard in apartment or townhome rentals.

5. Location

Apartment and townhome communities are usually attractive to shopping center owners. Anything you need will be in close proximity because retail establishments choose a location based on the possible number of potential customers.

Why You’ll Love Living in Durham, NC

There are so many things you will enjoy doing in Durham and if you choose to rent an apartment or townhome, you’ll have plenty of time to explore the city.

With Duke University and a host of other colleges nearby, there are plenty of collegiate sporting events to attend. On top of that, there are professional baseball, soccer and hockey teams.

The many cafes and bars around the campuses offer live music and a fun college-town atmosphere. If you are into craft beer, the area is home to more than 20 craft breweries.

If you’re looking for art or cultural experience, there are several museums as well as the Durham Performing Arts Center and the North Carolina Symphony.

Called ‘one of the best places to visit in Durham’, the American Tobacco Campus is home to the Burt’s Bees headquarters as well as tech companies, shops, and local restaurants.

Will You Make Durham, NC Your Home?

Now that you’re convinced that living in Durham, NC is the right decision for you, visit our website to view our townhomes at an apartment price.