Pros and Cons of Living in a Townhouse: 5 Things You Need to Know

Living in a Townhouse

We’ve all seen them. Those cute little clusters of look-alike houses in the most desirable parts of town. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in one of them?

More people are renting than ever before. In fact, 97% of the population in the 22 largest cities in the US rent their home. 

Are you ready to get away from apartment living, but not quite ready for the responsibilities of home ownership? Living in a townhouse might be the perfect middle point for you.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons to help you decide.

1. Cost

A big benefit of living in a townhouse is affordability. You can find townhomes to rent for approximately the same price you would pay for an apartment. 

When you’re shopping around, remember to include all the expenses in your calculations. Many townhome communities offer great amenities that are included in your monthly payment. Common examples include a pool, a clubhouse, discounted garbage pickup, etc. 

Your utility bills tend to be cheaper as well. The shared wall in a townhome helps keep the building warmer or cooler than a traditional house. 

2. Privacy

If you don’t like having neighbors, you should be looking for a house in the country instead. But if you enjoy being a part of a small community, living in a townhouse is perfect.

A townhome affords more privacy than an apartment. Many of them even include their own little back patios where you can enjoy a relaxing summer evening.  

Regardless of the townhouse layout you choose, there is still at least one shared wall in a townhome. Keep in mind that modern townhomes have plenty of insulation to act as a sound barrier.

3. Location

In most cities, real estate is expensive, making a single-family home less affordable for most people. Townhouses offer a way to live in the most vibrant parts of the city, without the price tag of a detached home.

4. Convenience

Because of their prime location, living in a townhouse is very convenient. You’ll usually be able to walk to grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, parks, and more.

The home owner’s association will take care of mowing the lawn and other maintenance tasks. All you have to do is water the flowers in your window box! 

5. HOA Rules

Speaking of the homeowner’s association, you may have heard horror stories about them. While it’s true that not all homeowner’s associations are desirable, in most cases they are quite useful.

Find out the particular rules (and any potential changes) that apply to the townhome you’re considering. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. For example, you may need a community that allows pets or you may prefer one that doesn’t. Be sure that whatever rules apply are ones that you can live with.

Is Living in a Townhouse for You?

When it comes down to it, you’re the only one that can decide if living in a townhouse is right for you. There are many great benefits as well as a few drawbacks. 

Everyone is different, though. What may be a benefit for one person may be a drawback for another. We hope this information helps you decide where living in a townhouse falls on the spectrum for you.

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